"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day. And I believe in miracles."
~ Audrey Hepburn


Ice, Ice Baby

First day of school at La Católica was amaaaazing. 
I had a communication class at one campus in the morning with two friends from
my program and I ended up befriending a really sweet brazilian girl! Funny thing: she is
also in Chile to learn Spanish (she only speaks Portuguese!) so that made things
 interesting, haha. The class was very interesting and I was amazed at how
 well I could keep up. I wasn't able to participate in the discussion
 (I just could not form the sentences quickly enough in my head!),
but I really enjoyed the dialogue and cannot wait to learn more from that class.  

In the afternoon I headed over to a different campus for an aerobics class,
met a group of exchange students from New York on the metro, and quickly
became friends with a Chilean girl in my class. She was seriously the nicest
person ever. She went with me to talk to the teacher after class, helped me register
in the office, and even waited for me so we could take the metro together. 
Why are Chileans so friendly????? 


Without further adieu, here are more pictures from my trip down south.
Sorry if you are getting sick of them, there are just sooo many cool things
we did and I am obligated by law to show them to my family!

After our exhausting hike to the Torres del Paine, my friends and I decided walking to 
the halfway point of the main glacier in the park, Glacier Grey, would be sufficient. 
We took it slow and had so much fun on the trail playing truth or dare,
two truths and one lie, and all those other awkwardly revealing games that 
result in you knowing way more about your friends than you ever wanted to!!

It was raining off and on that day, which ironically made the hike even more beautiful.
There was a lot of exotic plantlife and so much green everywhere --
I felt like I was walking through a rain forest! Oh and there was also 
a pretty little meadow that looked like it was straight out of Twilight!
Our skin didn't sparkle, though :(


The trail was beautiful, the conversation was very amusing,
and the glacier was sooo cool (hah! in more ways than one).
*jessica darling reference. please tell me somebody understands this*

Up next, chillin' with guanaco's & sittin' on a waterfall...


Sarah Marie said...


your adventures are amazing! even more amazing knowing it's such a formative time in your life. (sorry if that sounds weird. but it's true! haha)love you girl! come visit me in Philadelphia (or NY) when you're done with your travels:)


Bryan Murray said...

So many things:

A)What is the ratio of normal Chilean students to foreigners such as yourself in these classes?

B)Do the teachers know who is and isn't fluent in Spanish? Like do they just call on random people to answer questions?

C)You didn't properly introduce the first two pictures. The "without further adieu" paragraph should be before. :P

D)What were the truths and dares you asked/answered or did???

E)What is this "two truths and one lie" game you speak of?

F)I was going to use the pic of the path between the trees as my background but it got blurry when I enlarged it.

G)The pic of the purple flowers is pretty awesome.

H)The pic of you two in the meadow looks like you guys were making out and then someone said "hey look over here" and you stopped to smile for the camera :/

I)What in tarnation are those gloves??

J)I don't get the reference but "the glacier was sooo cool" sounds like a joke I'd make.

That is all. Love you!

Marcella Alyssa said...

Sarah - That is not weird at all -- I totally agree! Also, how dare you tempt me with a trip to NY. Let's call it a date.

Bryan -
A. 15:1
B. They realize once we open our mouths to speak, which we either do voluntarily or involuntarily.
D. Confidential, sorry.
E. You tell two truths about yourself and one lie, and the others have to guess which is the lie (i.e., My nickname used to be The Peepee Monster, I once saved someone from drowning, and I cheated my way through fourth grade. Which one is the lie?)
F. Download it from Flickr, dum dum.
G. Indeed.
H. Well, that is because that is exactly what happened!
I. Hhahaha they're awesome, okay!
J. You wouldn't.

P.S. Love you :)

Marcella Alyssa said...

Sarah - Oh and I've been following your tumblr and I absolutely love it but I don't think there is a space for comments! So just know that I am here in Santiago, appreciating your thoughts and pretty pictures :)