"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day. And I believe in miracles."
~ Audrey Hepburn


Born Like Sisters to this World

Right now, this little girl (see picture below) is out with her friends, 
turning the town red as they celebrate her 21st birthday. 

Des and I go wayyy back. Back to camel-riding days.
(P.S. Sorry for bad photo quality!)
But, God, is she growing up quickly. I guess that means I am too.

If you know me & my sissies personally, you know how painfully close we are.
Like white on rice! (... on a paper plate in a snow storm)
It is so hard living separately from one another, when we have spent literally 18
years attached to each other's hips. For some reason, this has affected me more with
Des than Mitch or Boo. I just have this protective instinct, like I need to watch over her
and protect her from people that are trying to hurt her.

The thing about Des is, she has way too much love for everybody. Just look at her smile. 
She is the type of person that brightens your day when she walks into the room
and has this way of bringing everybody into hysterics. 
She sees the best in everyone and sometimes that scares me 
because I know that there are people who are not as good-hearted as her
that will take advantage of the kindness she shows.

So Des, on your 21st birthday (which is technically over by now hahah)
I just wanted to remind that I love you so so so much and that,
even though you're all old and grown up now, I am always here for you,
and even if you don't need me to be, can we at least pretend you do?

Happy birthday, gorgeous.


puppy love


The Quarter to End all Quarters

Tomorrow is the first day of my last quarter at UCSB.


I mean, this place is great and all, but it is hard to feel nostalgic for my 
soon-to-be-over college experience when I know that I will be spending
 the following six months exploring all of South America. 
I  just cannot wait to live in Chile and spend my days...

 perfecting my spanish by talking to complete strangers, strolling around the outdoor fruit markets in Santiago, traveling to exotic places like Ancient Machu Picchu in Peru, taking wild bus rides through the insanity that is Bolivia, and living it up during Brazil's legendary Carnival.

Oh yeah and studying. Hah.
Did I mention Chile is famous for its wine? 

There are still plenty of things I am looking forward to during the next four months in 
Santa Barbara. Here are some Day Zero goals I hope to accomplish before I leave:

093. Vote in an election
095. Read an issue of the New York Times, cover to cover
086. Touch a giraffe
084. Do a handstand
077. Enter a contest
005. Cook a meal for a large group of people

073. Make another music video
074. Spend an entire day without speaking
075. Make a toast
063. Spend the day with a child
045. Take a ballet class
055. Read a novel in Spanish
054. Memorize a bible scripture that I love
041. Make myself a scarf
039. Do the UCSB Undie Run
033. Throw a huge party
028. Visit San Francisco
014. Go on a hike
020. Have a picnic
016. Play paintball
003. Eat at an upscale restaurant alone

Speaking of my Day Zero Project, here is a little update: I have accomplished 37 goals in 332 days. 
A little over a third of my goals in a little under a third of the time I am alloted. Perfect!
 The downside: this means, according to goal #100: Deposit $5 in my savings account
 for every goal I DO completeI should have 185-Day-Zero-dollars saved up. HAHAHA. 

The problem with having money in my bank account is that... I spend it! It is wayyy to easy to just swipe my card and voila-- dresses/makeup/lattes/groceries! To solve this issue, I have decided that I am going to keep a jar full of my Day Zero Project money. No spending allowed. I am not sure yet what I will do with the cash once I am done... save it? give it? spend it? (spend it!) 
I guess that is something I will decide on Day Zero. 


Sparkles, Silence, and Music.

I have a few updates for you :)

First of all, I accomplished a goal:
#083: Get another piercing.

People are pretty split about tattoos/piercings. 
Some view them as vile and assert that they would never vandalize their body with one.
Others see them as works of art or a form of self-expression. I am one of the latter.

Before Friday, I had 6 piercings. Now I have eight -- and I don't plan to stop any time soon. 
I don't mean to lead you to believe that I am some extremist or hippie...

My take on piercings/tattoos is much more subtle than that haha.
My dad is an artist who works for Disney and my mother's business/hobby 
is making jewelry so you can't blame me for admitting that...
I just love sparkly things!!! 

I love magic and fantasy and glitter and so why wouldn't I choose to decorate my body 
with jewelry and artwork? I like a classy look, though -- only clear austrian swarovski crystal for me
(mama has taught me well!). I am also seriously researching dermal piercings.
One of my sisters has dermals on her lower back (back dimples) and I think they
are really pretty. I would love to have some extra glitz. 

In regards to tattoos, I plan to have (at least) three before I turn thirty. 
I already have body parts and designs chosen. Not exactly sure what I am waiting for...
Money? Cajones? Inspiration?

Get a tattoo is also a goal on my Day Zero Project so rest assured that 
I will get at least one before my project ends (July 22, 2012). 

Anyway. Drumroll please!!! 

Emily went with me to get pierced, of course. 

Emily got her cock conch conk rook pierced. (Oh Emily... hahaha) It's really cool, isn't it?!
And I just added a third hole to each ear. Hehe. Boring, I know. 
But so pretty! I just like that fact that I can have two crystals in each of my ears
at all times PLUS wear one of my mother's beautiful designs (above!).

♥ ♥ ♥

In other news, I attempted to accomplish goal #074: Spend an entire day without speaking.
Let's just say that was a huge crock! I have clearly underestimated my constant need
to open my fat mouth! I cannot stay silent to save my life.
I kept forgetting and speaking, thus prolonging the 24 hour period in which 
I was supposed to refrain from speaking. By the third day of silence, I was going crazy.
I gave up on that for now, but don't worry, I will go back to it when I have 
gained strength! Hahaha I know this sounds overdramatic, but man. 
You try spending a weekend with your boyfriend (who, by nature, can't even understand
me when I speak in perfect English) without wanting to pull out your hairs.
(hehe love you B)

♥ ♥ ♥

Oh! I almost forgot! I am also in the process of accomplishing goal
#090: Volunteer for a cause I care about.

I originally did not plan on blogging about this because it started out as 
an internship. Somewhere along the lines I have come to care deeply about
this organization, what they are trying to accomplish, and what I can do 
to help them. I "work" for SBYMA, the Santa Barbara Youth Music Academy. 
SBYMA is a non-profit organization that operates something like an after-school
music program. Students can sign up to take private lessons in ANY instrument,
to sing in a choir, or to be placed in a band. That's right, they place kids in bands,
and the kids actually go out and have gigs and make money!

The organization was founded by a great person/musician/father and is somewhat
of a family business. Although SBYMA is overseen by a group of business executives,
you just can't ignore the heart that goes into its daily operations.

My sisters and I were raised playing sports and I will always remember
the times spent on the softball diamond as some of the most memorable, most
character-building, most treasured times of my life. 

I strongly believe that all children should have a place they can go where they will be
 surrounded by family, friends, and positive role models; a place where dedication, growth, 
and hard work are valued. Oh and I guess they can have fun too. HAH.

I go into SBYMA's office every morning and do a lot of administrative activities.
I never would have thought something like this could be so fulfilling. 
Yes, waking up at 7 AM is a pain in the you know what, but
the knowledge that the work I am doing has the potential to make an impact
on a young person's life (PLUS A SOY VANILLA LATTE FROM STARBUCKS)
keeps me going through the day with a smile.

That is all for now :)
Go do something for something/someone you believe in :)


Icky Icky Poo

Today I went to the beach FOR THE FIRST TIME this summer.
I know, I am a disgrace to California. 

Not to mention I live literally 10 minutes walking distance from the beach. 
Don't get me wrong, I love going to the beach, I think I just take it for granite*. 
(*Movie quote! You know, like it's set in stone!)

My motivation for going to the beach was to accomplish goal 
#013: Swim in the ocean.
While I think the ocean happens to be one of the most gorgeous things on this earth,
I am realistic enough to acknowledge that it is also a disgusting cesspool. 
Come on. There are animals in it. Animal byproducts. Human waste. Toxic waste.
Everybody pees in it! Don't lie to me -- I know you pee in it!
Just thinking about what I would be swimming in (and inevitably ingesting)
makes me want to throw up everything I have eaten in the past six months.

Some people go to the beach to enjoy the waves, 
while others (like me) would rather: 

- read a book
- soak up some rays
- listen to an iPod
- build sandcastles
- play volleyball/frisbee/football
- stroll/skate/tandem-bike-ride along the sidewalk
- poke my toes in the water, giggle, and then run away.

I made it one of my goals to swim in the ocean because I think there comes a time
when we have to set our germaphobic tendencies aside and really enjoy the natural 
beauty that life has to offer. As we learned from the incredibly charming
Jake Gyllenhaal, life in a plastic bubble is not really a life at all. 

 My roomie Emily is a total beach bum so she leaped at the chance to go with me. 
The two of us took a short walk to Ellwood beach (very secluded. We are pretty romantic)
and frolicked in the water a bit before actually swimming. It was sooo cold and I could feel
all of the slimy seaweed sliding all over my legs! The water wasn't very clear
so I was using a lot of mind power not to imagine the creatures/diseases that could be 
floating around me.  However, after a bit of hysterical screaming, I finally swam :)

Conclusion: ocean swimming is pretty legit. Pool swimming is for pansies.
(I bet Bear Grylls swims in the ocean)
Annddd I definitely need to do this more often!


happy happy happy

Disneyland is my favorite place in the world. I could just wander around there all day.
I don't even like going on rides while I am there -- I literally just stroll around (and eat),
soak up the happy rays exuding from all of the guests  (and eat),
and appreciate the beautiful atmosphere (and eat).

I also eat. 

Here are some shots from our day.

photopass pictures: I love the balloon one haha!

On the ferris wheel. Someone is afraid of heights... not gonna say who...

California Adventure. I am obsessed with this picture.
It is such good quality because I paid to download it from the PhotoPass site.
$15 bucks. Yikes.

Watching the World of Color show for the first time.
So magical!

I was so mad that I lost my iPod because all I wanted to do after the show was 
get in my car, blast my Disney Princess Collection CD, and sing it at the top of my lungs!

Heehee. Fun day ♥


And the Award Goes to...

Guess what? I received a Blog Award!
I was awarded this high honor (heheh) by my beautiful friend Gabriella.
(you better not call her Gabby if you know what's good for you!)
Gabriella and I went to elementary school together and I will forever remember 
her as the person who introduced me to the Harry Potter series. 
And you all know how much of a Harry Potter nerd I am...

Somewhere along the lines Gabriella and I lost touch. When we were reunited years later
via the Internet, I found out that she was living in Maui pursuing a career as a makeup artist.
Cool huh?   Gabriella's blog is really cute  and shares lots of great advice about makeup.
I am basically makeup retarded haha so I love reading what she has to say!

But let's cut to the chase here! I was awarded the...

While I am very flattered that Gabriella thought of me, I am also pretty embarrassed
because I am sooo not fashionable. I like to think that I hold my own but I definitely lack the 
courage, commitment, and CASH that it takes to be truly stylish. 
Instead, I am going to pretend that I won the...

Hehe I made that myself :)

To accept this award, I am supposed to reveal five secrets about me 
or this blog and pass the award along to five other bloggers. 

Five secrets about me or my blog:

1. I acknowledge every revered novel that I have not (at least attempted to) read as 
an absolute failure. I recently gave up on Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. Sorry. 
Next time I want to read 900 pages I will just reread Harry Potter #4 and #5. 
P.S. I love book recommendations! Wink wink!

2. I never went to third grade. Sounds cool but it is biting me in the butt
right now because all of my friends are 21 and this has, by far, been the 
longest year of my lifeeeeeeeee

3. I am a Cali girl through and through (and Dumbledore's man, for that matter. Get it?!!)
but my life will not be complete unless I spend AT LEAST two years living in NYC. 

4. I have spent a lot of time in my life as an obedient daughter/student/athlete
and I am kind of rebelling against that now. Not that I am on a crazy rampage or anything --
 I just try to put my time and energy into things that I love and honestly enjoy,
 instead of things I feel I should or have to do. Hence, the Day Zero Project.

5. No matter what I do with my life (career-wise) over the next... ten or so years,
I will always dream of: A) working in the film industry (as a producer?) and B) owning a bakery.

I hereby pass the Super Cool and Kind of Interesting Blogger Award to:

1.  A Story 

The End 

P.S. I made three Harry Potter references in this post. Ay yi yi.