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~ Audrey Hepburn


Mexican People in Chile!

Well my mom and nana flew back to the U.S. this morning
(right when U.S. President Barack Obama flew into Santiago, btw)
and I couldn't be more devastated. Although we were all completely
exhausted the entire time from running all over the place, the time
we shared here was incredible. I am loving my time here in Santiago,
but seeing them made me realize how much my family means to me
and how crucial their presence is to my well-being. Thank God there
are things like Facebook, Skype, and blogs to keep me in touch with
them while I enjoy the rest of my semester abroad.

Without further ado, PICTURES!! 
On Monday I decided to give them a little taste of the city by visiting some of the main
tourist attractions like: Plaza de Armas, La Moneda, Cerro Santa Lucia, and Bellavista. 
You might recognize some of these places from earlier posts. 


Walking through the city, I also had the opportunity to introduce them to real
Chilean cuisine! We all tried mote con huesillos for the first time, which is some kind 
of drink made of sweet peach juice with little wheat kernels (reminiscent of kix). It 
was actually pretty good! And they also bought a few candies off the street. 

Here are some photos of typical Chilean food that we definitely did not eat, hahaha. 
We had a delicious pizza later. 

It was an insane day -- we literally went all over the city! 
The next morning while I was in class, my mom & nana took a city tour
(where they saw basically the same things we saw on Monday) and then
we spent the evening at Parque Arauco, a huge mall in Las Condes,
the ritzier area of Santiago. The mall was AMAZING and we ended
up eating there and watching the movie "BIUTIFUL" with Javier Bordem.
Most of the movies here are in English with Spanish subtitles but this movie 
was in Spanish with no subtitles hahaha, which made it hard to understand. 
It seemed good, though?

I will talk about what we did on Wednesday in my next post... 
I will give you a hint... WINEEEEEEEEE.


Anonymous said...

Tu nana me pone en requerdo de mi nana. Podrías hablar con ella esta ves? Pasé tiempo con mi nana hoy y me puse bien feliz :). Hablémos de su familia y de cuando ella era niña.
También, te entiendo cuando dices que tu familia es muy importante. Estoy de acuerdo contigo. No podría hacer que estas haciendo si nadie me visitaba oh me hablaba. Que bueno que se divirtieron mucho :)

<3, Lex

Marcella Alyssa said...

Lex you speak such great spanish!

Si, yo puedo comunicar con ella por la primera vez en mi vida! ¡Fue fantástico! Te quiero! <3

Anonymous said...

i understood what both o' ya'll said so BAM! :D hahaha p.s. i'm so jealous you saw biutiful!! i've been wanting to see that!!

miss you! <3 <3 <3


Bryan Murray said...

Well I understood nothing of what was said in Spanish so BAM!!!

And the food definitely looks...interesting to say the least. Speaking of that, I noticed that "Yummies" is above "Bryan" in your labels! You do love cookies more than me :'(

Anonymous said...

Haha gracías Cella. Es muy dificíl escribir en español. Se sale mas formal y a veces tengo que usar google translator jaja. Y que bueno que podrías hablar con ella.
Te quiero tambíen!


P.S. Woo Michelle and sorry Bryan :P