"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day. And I believe in miracles."
~ Audrey Hepburn


wide awake

Around 3 AM the buzz of my cell phone pulled me from sleep -- it was an email notification that somebody had commented on my last blog post. Samar wrote, "hey why are you not updating your blog............i miss you and your day zero project.... hearts from pakistan". How sweet is that??? I'm completely touched.

I tried to go back to sleep after reading that but I spent the next two hours tossing and turning and so, I finally gave up on life and decided to update this here blog.

The truth is that I have not been completing goals for my Day Zero Project. Why, I don't know... busy schedule, faded interest, lack of motivation. Actually, I haven't even been reading blogs, which used to be one of my favorite past times (wow I am so cool hahhaha); this is probably the first time I've opened my computer in weeks. I usually get my internet fix from my phone and have been more into "mobile" blogging, which ranges from tweeting to tumblring to instagramming.
You should totally follow my instragram, btw: cellababee :)

I looked back at my Project list and realized I accomplished two goals and forgot to cross them off! Firstly, I accomplished goal:

#060: Be in the audience at the taping of a TV show

which I told you about here but didn't realize that was on my list!!! It was anticlimactic, though, David Letterman is suuuuuper boring. I also accomplished goal:

#037: Go to a club in Vegas

Yayyyyy! I went in March for the first time and had so much fun!!!! Here is some photographical evidence:

541592_3111910150786_1399421782_n 293806_3111916390942_352596727_n 527752_3111918150986_1578478506_n 556005_3111922311090_31101074_n 551269_3111928111235_610337178_n 560996_3111929991282_1763253942_n 526946_3111930671299_687482596_n 537141_3111934511395_203560562_n 561887_3111936151436_1880281337_n 523806_3111937871479_1050895963_n 559320_3111938551496_877023345_n 535936_3111941311565_464236751_n

Oh, the memories :) Seriously can't wait to go back. Anyway, back to the task at hand. I have almost two months before my Day Zero Project ends (On July 22) so maybe I can accomplish at least a few more goals? What do you think? Which ones should I try to do??? There are 32 left...

005. Cook a meal for a large group of people
016. Play paintball
017. Go on a road trip
018. Go fishing
019. Learn to dive
022. Go to a water park
023. Roll down a grass hill
024. Swing from a rope into a lake
027. See the Grand Canyon
028. Visit San Francisco
029. Go to Harry Potter World
031. Get drunk of off ridiculously expensive wine
032. Party in Mexico
033. Throw a huge party
034. Eat the worm
035. Have a wild Spring Break
038. Party in Miami
039. Do the UCSB Undie Run
042. Learn a new song on the piano
043. Learn to bartend
044. Perfect my juggling
049. Meet a famous author
051. Clear book list
061. Go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show
068. Take my parents out to dinner
069. Play matchmaker
073. Make another music video
074. Spend an entire day without speaking
078. Win a prize
082. Get a tattoo
086. Touch a giraffe
095. Read an issue of the New York Times, cover to cover

Now that I think of it, a lot of these sound really fun, haha! Goals I'd love to accomplish before July: cook a meal for a large group of people, go on a road trip, go fishing, get drunk off of ridiculously expensive wine, learn a new song on the piano, perfect my juggling, meet a famous author, spend the day without speaking, get a tattoo, touch a giraffe, read the NY Times. Ahhhhh wish me luck!!!

Now that the birds have begun chirping, I guess I will make one more effort to catch some ZzZz's. I'm going to try to update this thing weekly so maybe I'll see you again soon? xoxo

And with that, here are some of my instragrams, which can explain my absence from the blogosphere:

522765_10150683306648836_691288835_9077117_1599030604_n IMG_20120405_214437 IMG_20120419_123127 IMG_20120403_181723
IMG_20120422_133021 IMG_20120422_015907 IMG_20120424_114104 IMG_20120423_084713
IMG_20120426_181559 IMG_20120426_184557 IMG_20120427_095128 IMG_20120427_205743
IMG_20120429_111532 IMG_20120501_105925 IMG_20120506_231103 IMG_20120509_012256
IMG_20120508_214438 IMG_20120508_091706 PicsArt_1336640959469 IMG_20120512_153048
IMG_20120513_204102 IMG_20120515_194224 IMG_20120516_131101 IMG_20120521_220610
IMG_20120516_131705 IMG_20120527_162634 IMG_20120603_160155 IMG_20120605_154214. IMG_20120603_210906. IMG_20120610_134242. IMG_20120604_002058. IMG_20120526_023007 IMG_20120610_185524. IMG_20120611_042714. IMG_20120524_210721 IMG_20120516_113535 IMG_20120506_222404 IMG_20120410_204436 IMG_20120609_174436. IMG_20120604_001938.

P.S. Samar, thanks for the sweet comment!


Melissa said...

I wish this was extended past the 22nd bc there are a bunch of grass hills in Catalina that we could roll down!!

Also, helloooo road trip to San Francisco and then we can swing on a rope into a lake!

<3, boo

Han Phan said...

EAT THE WORM...whatever that means.

Cella said...

@Han - there is a little worm at the bottom of certain tequila bottles and it is supposed to be some sort of crazy hallucinogen. Eat it with me!!!!!!

Samar said...

hey thanks so much for acknowledging my comment :). it seriously made my day thanks :). and on the matter of what goals should you accomplish.ummm i think no5 and no33 are easy u throw party and cook for a large number of people simultaneously. and i would love to see as a match maker (i knw u wud make an excellent one ). bye and best of luck