"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day. And I believe in miracles."
~ Audrey Hepburn


Our Last Days in NYC

The last few days in New York City were ice cold -- which means I was not very motivated to remove my icicles fingers from my gloves to take pictures. Since there aren't too many left I thought I'd share all of them in one last NYC post.

How could we visit Manhattan without paying tribute to the thousands of lives lost on September 11, 2001?

IMG_9476 IMG_9471 IMG_9474 IMG_9475 IMG_9457 IMG_9458 IMG_9459 IMG_9460 IMG_9465 IMG_9466

I was eager to see the memorial site but, after seeing it, I felt that it could do with some improvement. It is comprised of two overwhelmingly large marble rectangular fountains, each of which represent one of the World Trade Center's towers. The marble is inscribed with the names of all those who lost their lives in the attacks. And... that's it. I guess I expected more of a tribute. Music? Maybe a wall with a poem? Flags? A video? Slideshow?

IMG_9478 IMG_9480 IMG_9481 IMG_9484

We lasted all of fifteen minutes outside admiring the fountains before we hurriedly ducked into the museum/souvenir shop on the way out. That was more like it. Besides all of the NYPD and NYFD swag they sold, there was a photo montage on the walls depicting the events minute by minute. What I, and most people in the room I daresay, found most moving, however, was a short documentary that was playing on loop on a screen in the room. The video followed the lives of 6(?) people whom were all directly affected by the terrorist attack in different ways. I don't know if there was anybody in the room not crying or at least fighting back tears.

We thought we would spend the rest of the afternoon in Soho and Greenwich Village but IT WAS SO FREAKING COLD! After snapping a few pictures outside of NYU (mine & Bailey's future school????) we hopped on the subway and headed back to our hotels.

IMG_9490 IMG_9491

Dinner at Shake Shack. Omg. I could go for a shack burger with a caramel shake right now.

IMG_9495 IMG_9497 IMG_9498 IMG_9501 IMG_9503

I *think* that night we went to another comedy show, which was hilarious, except for a cow-tipping, homophobic, socially awkward comedian. Urrbody else was coo tho.

Okay don't make fun of us, but for our last night in the city and we had to do SOMETHING to celebrate!!! I have absolutely no photographic evidence because I was too busy stuffing my face but, that night, we ordered empanadas for delivery at like midnight. If you are ever in NYC, order from Empanada Mama! I can't even describe the mouthgasms we had that night. Shout out to the caramel + cheese empanadas we had, complete with a fat scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Anyway, on our last day in New York, we contemplated going to get some more empanadas hahahaha. Instead we returned to one of our favorites, Georgies. I really wanted pancakes but they made me get a poopy lobster burger :(


We had a long, slow lunch and then walked over the the McAfees' hotel. On our way there, Marie & Jazzy intercepted us to let us know that somebody on the street offered them tickets to the David Letterman show!! Our flight to LA left that afternoon but we had just enough time to watch the show and then get to the airport.

IMG_9519 IMG_9521 IMG_9518

We were reallyyyyyy excited for the show and then I'm pretty sure everybody fell asleep. Ummmmmm why didn't anybody tell me that David Letterman is that boring! My God! Can't believe I wasted hours of my life at that taping. I guess it was a cool experience, though.. Kinda. It turns out Tina Fey was on the show the next day, so maybe that would've made it better.

So that was the end of our trip to NYC! I hope you've enjoyed reading about it and seeing our pics :)
I'm almost done sharing pictures from my six months in South America too. THEN WHAT WILL I WRITE ABOUT?!!?! (See "Day Zero Project").

heehee. bye.

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