"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day. And I believe in miracles."
~ Audrey Hepburn


Maui with the Murrays

A few weeks ago Bryan & I joined his parents in celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary 
in Maui, Hawaii. It is surreal looking back on the photos of us lazing around under the sun
 sippin' mai tais when I am currently sitting at home in my PJs (otherwise known as hoboclothes) 
watching some lame vampire movie on the Disney channel. Those were the good ol' days. 

 I didn't take out my camera very much... we were all about our camera phones that week, 
which the majority of my photos came from. Without further ado, here is my photo diary:

IMG_7651 IMG_7653 IMG_7656 IMG_7655 IMG_7732 IMG_7660 IMG_7663 IMG_7664 IMG_7665 IMG_7672 IMG_7674 IMG_7676 IMG_7684 IMG_7690 IMG_7691 IMG_7692 IMG_7698 IMG_7699 IMG_7703 IMG_7695 IMG_7704

If you are wondering what sorts of activities we participated in, I can provide you with the list.
- lying by the pool
- lying by the beach
- frolicking in the pool
- frolicking in the ocean
- reading by the pool
- watching sports by the pool
- drinking (oftentimes by the pool)
- indulging in delicious foods
from restaurants all over the island

It was absolute bliss. I gained four pounds.

IMG_7711 IMG_7713 IMG_7722 IMG_7715 IMG_7720 IMG_7721 IMG_7728 IMG_7731


2011-10-11_15-12-56_719 2011-10-11_17-53-34_249 2011-10-11_17-54-07_117 2011-10-12_13-52-51_347 2011-10-12_13-53-38_939 2011-10-12_13-54-54_650 2011-10-12_13-56-20_229 2011-10-12_15-21-16_635 2011-10-12_15-25-25_564 2011-10-12_17-55-50_654 2011-10-13_11-22-25_487 2011-10-12_18-00-10_246 2011-10-12_18-00-19_43 2011-10-14_14-08-18_346 2011-10-14_14-07-48_50 2011-10-14_14-17-00_936 2011-10-14_20-48-21_734 2011-10-14_20-48-38_620 2011-10-14_20-49-10_675 2011-10-15_17-55-18_59 2011-10-15_17-55-23_578 2011-10-15_17-56-23_872 2011-10-15_17-55-56_527 2011-10-15_17-57-39_134 2011-10-15_19-48-10_2382011-10-15_19-49-05_421 2011-10-15_20-28-34_810 2011-10-15_20-59-00_830 2011-10-15_20-59-10_291 2011-10-15_20-59-18_172 2011-10-15_21-31-59_467 2011-10-15_21-32-39_371

Halfway through our week-long trip, we journeyed over to the other side of the island
for Bryan's parents' vow renewal ceremony. All I have now are camera phone pictures but the 
Murrays hired a photographer, so I might update this post later when the professional photos come in. The beach was breath-taking and the ceremony was so perfect. Even though a man decided to strip off his bathing suit and go skinny dipping right in front of us. Let's hope the videographer got that on film...

2011-10-13_16-42-39_877 2011-10-13_16-42-57_190 2011-10-13_17-40-35_637 2011-10-13_17-40-53_178-1 2011-10-13_17-53-22_104

And on our last evening on the island, Bryan & I went on a "sunset sail". 
The food was okay. The guava & rums were delish. The brownies were YUMMM.

IMG_7734 IMG_7744 IMG_7820 IMG_7750 IMG_7751 IMG_7756 IMG_7758 IMG_7760

Sea turtles!!! I LIKE TURTLES.

IMG_7765 IMG_7769 IMG_7770 IMG_7771 IMG_7772 IMG_7774 

 It got pretty cloudy so we, ironically, did not get to see the sunset haha. It was still beautiful, though!!

IMG_7776 IMG_7779 IMG_7782 IMG_7789 IMG_7790 IMG_7792 IMG_7794 IMG_7800 IMG_7802 IMG_7824 IMG_7832

And the next morning we flew out of Hawaii and straight back into reality. 
It was such an amazing trip. I want to thank the Murrays for inviting me and 
allowing me to share such a special time with their family. 



Sarah Marie said...

ugh. I'm jealous of your LIFE. haha:) their vow renewal looks so adorable!! I definitely just put a vow renewal in the South of France on my calendar... for my twenty year anniversary, though. (why wait thirty years?) (p.s. you're invited. see you in twenty years.)


Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

I have goosebumps! Looks like heaven. x hivenn

Marcella Alyssa said...

YESSSS I'll be there!!
P.S. That isn't my life haha... my life is being an over-priced-denim selling slave :(