"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day. And I believe in miracles."
~ Audrey Hepburn


Jack & Jill Went up the Hill

So I have two new things to blog about! 

Firstly, I have accomplished goal
#076: Get a pet.

This is Jack and Jill (Mother Goose not pictured)

Okay, okay. Technically these cuties are not mine. 
Here is the story: my roommate Emily works at DAWG, a dog shelter in Santa Barbara.  
She takes home puppies all the time to be "socialized" hehehe, and the puppies usually
stay with us for a couple of days. This time, however, was different. 
DAWG rescued a pregnant puppy (Previously Bertha, now known as Mother Goose)
and when she had her puppies, somebody had to foster them for the first month
because they were too young to be adopted. 
Emily, of course volunteered. 

So you are probably thinking: "That doesn't count! They're not YOUR pets!"
That is true; they're not. The reason I am crossing this goal off my list is
 I am finally experiencing what it feels like to have a pet, 
which is what my Day Zero Project is all about right? Having new experiences?

I have never had a pet in my lifeeee and have always wanted one.
I used to see pets as little toys hahahaha but now, after having had all these puppies stay 
with us, I can really see that they have their own little personalities.
 Jack and Jill are literally the most adorable puppies IN THE WORLD 
but can be quite a handful sometimes. They always cry for attention 
(sometimes endearing, sometimes annoying), they pee on our couches,
 and they always try to eat our food! 

(I know my hand looks ginormous in the next picture,
 but that is just because these babies are so dang tiny!)

Anyway, today I gave in to Jack's crying and I let him up on the hammock with me.
P.S. Did I tell you that Jack is my favorite? Shh.. don't tell Jill... she has a crooked eyeball.

Which leads me to our next goal:
#012: Take a nap on a hammock

P.P.S. Oh did I tell you I bought a hammock? I DID!
I have always been pretty prone to stress/anxiety, especially recently,
 so it has been nice to lounge around on our pretty little hammock. 
Next week I am going to start something called Bikram Yoga,
which is yoga in 105 degree weather. I cannot wait! I miss yoga so much!

It was a pretty fitful nap, though. I was worried about the other puppies,
who were walking around crying and barking, and I was kind of afraid that Jack was
going to pee on me & my blanket! Haha but I was able to sleep for a bit. 
Ughh. Isn't Jack so precious?

Love these things. Don't know how I'm going to say goodbye :(


Anonymous said...

i misss those babieeees! and you :)

<3 boo

pearl. said...

how cute!
Pearl xo

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH i laughed out loud when you mentioned jill's eye. SHE'S STILL CUTE! she's little and fluffy! those are great pics of the puppies. my camera couldn't capture their preciousness. see you tomorrow puta!
<3 shell

JMay said...

omg, they are sooooo cute. So jealous, I wanna play with them! :-)

JMay said...

P.S. I love you blog name, so true :-)


Cella Babee said...

Thanks Jmay! I got it from an Audrey Hepburn quote. Your blog is adorable, by the way. I am such a sap.