"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day. And I believe in miracles."
~ Audrey Hepburn


Yum Yumz in my Tum Tumz

Guess what this is...

Yep, you were right! Ingredients for meatloaf! 
I am kind of embarrassed that one of my goals was 
#007: Eat meatloaf
but I have never had it before and I have always wanted to try it!
Meatloaf is like... engrained in American history. The Cleavers ate it. The Bradys ate it.
Even the family in A Christmas Story ate it! Remember? When Randy was like, 
"Meat loaf, smeatloaf, double-stinkloaf, I HATE meatloaf!"
And then the mom instructs him to show her how the piggies eat? And then Hilarity ensues?
Needless to say,  I   l  o  v  e   A Christmas Story .  Therefore,  I  h  a  d  to have meatloaf. 

This is where Emily comes in. Meet Emily.
She is one of my wonderful roommates. One day we are going to own a bakery together.
Emily's grandmother was a sweet old italian woman with more recipes than her family can possibly keep up with
(Emily has good reason to believe that the only living person with her grandmother's
full recipe collection is the man working at Albertsons. Ask her about it later). 
Anyway, Emily used her grandmother's recipe for meatloaf, so it was
special italian meatloaf. It had spinach in it, my new favorite veggie. YUM!

Doesn't it look amazing?!

It did not taste as I had expected... the texture was different.
But good different! Em also prepared a caesar salad and rosemary roasted potatoes for us.
I definitely had seconds! And I am very excited about the leftovers in the fridge :)
I am officially American!

There is waaaay too much tasty food in this house!
I made some yummy chicken quesadillas the other night, so we have those leftovers...
Then Em made these banana chocolate chip muffins this morning.
The BEST thing to wake up to is the smell of homemade muffins! 

And the other night I made pecan pie bars from the Golden Book of Baking
that Bryan got me for Christmas. They were wonderful!

Ugh! This is why I go to the gym!
Our first intramural beach volleyball game is tomorrow, by the way! Excited! :)


Gabriella said...

wow that meatloaf DOES look good ! haha Now that you had the real thing you should try it with ground turkey meat :D just as yummy not as fatty ! I didnt know you were such a baker haha send me over some goodies LOL :]

Cella Babee said...

Ooh, ground turkey, good call! Haha I don't know how well any baked goods would hold up if they were sent to Hawaii! I sent some cookies to my sister in Long Beach and they arrived in crumbs! :(

Anonymous said...

don't knock the crumbs! i ate them for about a month and they were still yummy! p.s. my apartment is the opposite of yours. 3 girls who are obviously and painfully novices to the art of cooking :/ we'll see. i made chicken enchiladas the other day too and they loved them! :D

p.s. i like the changes. pretty blog! and easier to read hahaha

Abi-Anne said...

Yummy! It all looks so delicious. The pecan pie makes me want to head into my kitchen right now to whip something up!


Cella Babee said...

Hahaha I am glad I inspired you to cook! Thanks for stopping by :)